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A guest BR86 visits the BR86 at Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum

A guest BR86 visits the BR86 at Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum

I have been looking for fun destinations during my visit to Europe in September, and I have discovered that there is a train museum called the Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum Heilbronn in Heilbronn.

This South German Train Museum appears to be a team of enthusiasts who have been restoring locomotives for their museum.

The museum appears to have a number of locomotives, both steam and diesel, including the 01 1016 that is planned for use for the Meiningen excursion on September 5th, 2015.

The list shows three BR01 locomotives, three BR44 locomotives, and others including a BR23, BR38, BR50, BR57, BR80 and BR89.

They also have some diesel locmotives, including the Köf locomotives and the V 60.

All in all it looks like a good place to visit, so I am adding it to my itinerary, probably on the 6th of September, the day after the excursion.

You can find the SEH – Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum Heilbronn eV Facebook Page here.

How to Get to the Süddeutsches Eisenbahnmuseum

Heilbronn is roughly an hour north of Stuttgart.

The museum is located at Leonhardstraße 15, which is quite close to the main Heilbronn railway station.

The website recommends taking the S4 towards Karlsruhe to the Sonnenbrunnen station, which should be the first stop.

This station is not listed on Google Maps, but there does appear to be a platform on the satellite image.

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