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EuroWest 2015 Video

Check out this awesome EuroWest 2015 Video that was shot by one of our ETE  (European Train Enthusiasts) from the Southern California Chapter.

I had a lot of fun at EuroWest 2015 in San Carlos California, where I helped out by setting up a display of Diesel powered locomotives and railcars.

The event is hosted by the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the ETE at the Hiller Aviation Museum every July in San Carlos, California.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a lot of time to shoot video, but luckily Tim Higgins was there and shot some great footage, presented here in this EuroWest 2015 Video.

EuroWest 2015 Video – the ETE Modules

This video includes footage from trains running on the SoCal ETE Chapter modules, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area ETE Chapter modules.

The module members run trains from a variety of European countries and manufacturers, including Märklin 3 rail, DC 2 rail and catenary based operation.

The modules are quite versatile and can be set up in a variety of arrangements.

The Sacramento ETE Chapter has also built modules to the same specifications as the San Francisco Bay Area Module Group, and on occasion have joined the configuration for some module exhibits.

EuroWest is a lot of fun for folks on the US West Coast – feel free to contact me at the contact page if you want more information about the ETE and EuroWest.

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