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Roco 68470 2D2 Electric Locomotive

Manufacturer: Roco
Article: 68470
EAN: 9005033684709
Gauge: H0 1:87
Railway Company: SNCF
Road Number: 9105
Depot: Lyon-Mouche
System: AC 3 Rail

Roco 68470 2D2 Electric Locomotive

Prototype: In 1951 and 1952, these engines were put into operation for the main French route from Paris to Lyon. They were to be used for hauling express trains at 140km/h. Although the silhouette has a relatively modern appearance, the technology of this locomotive stems from the 1920s. Therefore it was not long before the engines were replaced by more modern locomotives from top class services. They nevertheless remained in operation until the end of 1993.

Also available: 68472, 68477, 68478?, 68479?, 79482 (2015)

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