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Märklin 43570 Regio DB Bi-Level Commuter Car Set

Manufacturer: Märklin
Article: 43570
Gauge: H0 1:87
Railway Company: DB
Era: VI
System: AC 3 Rail

Märklin 43570 Regio DB Bi-Level Commuter Car Set

Prototype: German Railroad, Inc. (DB AG), 1 type DABza 756 bi-level car, 1st/2nd class, 1 type DBza 751 bi-level car, 2nd class, and 1 type DBbzfa 761.0 bi-level cab control car, 2nd class.

Model: All of the cars have built-in warm white LED interior lighting and current-conducting operating close couplers. The cab control car has a detailed buffer beam and separately applied end streamlining. It also has a lighted train destination display. When the locomotive is pushing the train (cab control car in the front), triple white headlights are on for the cab control car. When the locomotive is pulling the train (locomotive in the front), dual red marker lights are on for the cab control car. The cab has interior details. Total length over the buffers 80.9 cm / 31-7/8″.

An add-on car to go with this set can be found under item number 43571.

New items brochure 2015 – Product programme 2015/2016

Rapid Change of Direction – The bi-level cars are part of the looks of the modern German Railroad, Inc. They make possible a clear increase in passenger capacity without expensive extension of station platforms. The type DBbzf 761 cab control car that goes with the bi-level intermediate cars allows rational shuttle train operations without time-consuming replacement of the locomotive at the final destination station, because the bi-level cab control car is either pulled at the end of the train or pushed at the front of the train, depending on the direction of travel.

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