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Brawa 44105 Class 426 Electric Railcar

Manufacturer: Brawa
Article: 44105
EAN: 4012278441054
Gauge: H0 1:87
Railway Company: DB AG
Class: BR426
Road Number: 94 80 0426 009-7
Era: VI
System: AC 3 Rail
Decoder: Digital

Brawa 44105 Class 426 Electric Railcar

Prototype: The regional railcars in the 426 series are used throughout the DB AG network. The 426 railcar has two units and achieves a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The two final bogies are driven, and the central Jacobs-type bogie is not driven. The total installed power is 1,175 kW. When the railcar is braked, electrical energy can be fed into the mains and the released heat can be used for heating purposes. Baden Württemberg, 3-Löwen.

Model: Extra mounted air conditioning installation and supply pipes; finest paintwork and printing; perfectly replicated three dimensional front; with interior fittings; with interior lighting; 21-pin interface; operation of engine is switchable to catenary line.

Available at Lippe.

Brawa 44107 is the same model with sound.

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